LeVeau Poodles & IG's
Midgie waiting to go in the ring, Dawn makes
sure she has her favorite toy with her.
Ch. Capricorn Lady Godiva with
her handler, EJ Bentz
LeVeau Toy Poodles started with a friend and mentor,
Kim Villa, who had Capricorn Toy Poodles.  She got me
interested in showing toy poodles, and helped me very
much.  I have made a lot of great "Poodle Friends" since,
such as my best friend, Suzanne Tovey (Avatar Toy
Poodles), whom I met through a sale set up by Kim
before she passed away.  The "World Renown", Maureen
Wyndham (Laurelbury Poodles), has been a wonderful
friend and mentor to me. Who has the best of the best
toy poodles I have ever seen.  Dawn Rivenburgh
(Shalimar Poodles), a wonderful and kind hearted
handler.  Who takes care of your dog like it was her own
while it is being shown.

I met Lois March of Marchwind IG's, while searching for a
stud dog for my IG, Tia.  She has been a lot of help,
giving me her guidence with the IG's. She has been a
wonderful Mentor and Friend.  Nothing better than "Dog
People Friends"!

Thank you for visiting!
Sheena Wascom
(225) 315-2342
Marchwind IG's
Midgie is NOT spoiled,
She's Rotten!
Ch. Laurelbury O'Toole (TP)
Midgie is Ch. Laurelbury
O'Toole's 6th Champion!  
With a sire this beautiful,
she couldn't help but win
the Judges heart!  Not to
mention the wonderful
personality he passes on to
his puppies.  Thank you
Maureen Wyndham for
letting me own her.  She is
very special, and she's an A!